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Yuuka’s Amazing Recommendations ~Day 2

Hellllllloooooooooooo and welcome to the second installment of Yuuka’s Amazing Recommendations!

This time we have another fabulous doujin circle with us, and their name is….

発熱巫女~ず (Hatsunetsumiko’s)

Do take note that it’s not HatsuneMiku. THERE IS A DIFFERENCE.

First up is a rather *new* song back from last year’s comiket.

Sung by 陽花 (Pronounced ‘Youka’) with her extremely unique and charming voice, this song gave me an earworm after I first listened to it. No one else (at least none that I know of) in the doujin scene has such a charming voice. And I wasn’t exaggerating when I said her voice is unique, no one can really sound like her.

Here’s another one of 発熱巫女~ず with 陽花’s voice. This is also the first song I heard from them ❤

Song name is RAiNY STARS if you’re wondering.

There’s another vocalist in the circle named 舞花 (pronounced Maika, I’m beginning to see a pattern) and her voice is one that is a polar opposite of 陽花’s voice. It’s one that’s soft and calming. Anyway here are the songs,

Finally, we have the vocalist that sings rather cringy English songs, her name? Chen-U.

As cringy as they might be, they’re very good songs.










Did I also mention that 発熱巫女~ず is a 1-man group? (Tim Vegas, cool name)

Well, now you know.

Yuuka’s Amazing Recommendations~ Day 1

Tis’ the start of a new series I’d like to call “Yuuka’s Amazing Recommendations”, where I feed you my opinions on music and stuff and you embrace it with open arms.

Shall we start off with a classic?

Here’s a cover of the famous “U.N Owen Was her?”, performed by Liz Triangle with vocals by the lovely lily-an.

Liz Triangle doujin circle that is known to experiment a lot, as in, they do not really have a “fixed” sound but rather mix and mash between songs/albums. Although I must admit sometimes it comes out bad, but when they do it right, they are fantastic.

Here’s an example:

(play this in 1.5 speed and it sounds different, in a good way)

Here’s another example of their talent:

(Yes it is my bg, also my favorite song from Liz Triangle)

Every time they release a new album or single it sounds very different from the last, and this is why I like them. Liz Triangle is good, but they’re not my favorite as most of their songs are either a hit or miss for me.

There’s the end of my first amazing recommendations, maybe now people might know why I’m kinda obsessed with Touhou stuff. (Cus the fandom is fucking amazing)

People do change (at least I do.)

Chemistry. The science of putting one thing with another thing which would lead to it essentially being a whole new thing.

I hate(d) chemistry.

I absolutely loathed chemistry. I have never passed a single chemistry test during my time schooling and I detested the formulas and reactions and whatnots.
I would always just copy my chemistry homework just so I wouldn’t get into trouble with my teacher.
I even threw away all my chemistry related stuff (textbooks, files, notes) after first year studying chemistry.


Cus it’s boring ya dewb.

However, during my 4th year taking chemistry, we started having practical chemistry lesson where we would fiddle with chemicals with our own hands and record the results of said fiddling.
As much as I hated chemistry I looked forward to these lessons every fortnight, I found them white precipitates very intriguing but still loathed the theory aspect of it. I could never understand how I got the reactions since I didn’t know the theory behind it, and frankly, I didn’t care.

Then comes the day of a test and I aced the practical part of it. I also failed wonderfully in the theory test.
I just didn’t have any interest in the theory of it.

A couple of weeks ago while I was just stumbling through YouTube, I came across a certain video by a guy named Cody something something (I’m sorry I can’t remember.).
It was titled “Making gunpowder from Urine Part 1”

I thought it was just click bait but I pressed it anyway. It starts off with him just talking about how his house got shot up by deer hunters and how he chased them away with a gun. You know. Typical American-y stuff. Pretty handsome guy too.

Anyway after that he shows a pile of straw and grass and dumped urine in it. I had no Idea why but would later find out it’s cus of chemistry.
After that he did a lot of things and explained why he used them and then I realised that this is pretty interesting.
I was actually interested in someone talking about chemistry! Most of the time in chemistry class (theory) I would be (stealthily) using my phone and/or sleeping.
Never interested in a single word my teacher says but now, I found a video where a guy is doing and explaining quite a bit of chemistry and I was actually enjoying it.
This then lead me to watch his other videos about similar geeky chemistry stuff and truth be told, I enjoyed them. For the first time in my life I’m actually interested in chemistry. Damn. Thanks to that I am now able to understand the theory behind chemistry much easier and also remember them much easier due to my interest in that subject.
Hell, I caught up with 4 years of missed lessons in a week.

I might be a genius.

Is the point of this post saying that I’m a genius?





This is me, 36hrs on csgo with 26 competitive wins.



This is a friend, 495 hrs on csgo with 164 competitive wins.


Moral of story?

Talent beats hard work.


1v1 me skrub

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083 DONE

  1. Eight-star demon lords

The red haired demon lord stood up right after I devoured Clayman.

「Excellent, then from today onwards you will be acknowledged and known as a demon lord. Is there anyone who oppose of this? 」

Naturally, there were no objections as apparently, I had already been accepted as a demon lord long before this.

I was relieved. To be honest, when I antagonized another demon lord and had a quarrel I thought I would be a goner; It was a suicidal act!

「When I first saw Rimuru do it I believed in him! If you’d like, can you take me in as an apprentice? 」

「Ah, your timing is just perfect, I just took in someone else as a disciple.」

「What’s with that!! Isn’t it fine to take me in? I’ll be a very obedient apprentice!!! 」

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